Month: February 2018

Five Habits to Conquer to Become Financially Independent

Five Habits to Conquer to Become Financially Independent

With the presence of so many financial institutions in the market today, managing financials has gotten a bit easier. You have the freedom to conquer major life expenses even if you don’t have the sufficient amount. However, not being able to manage all of it properly can lead to adverse financial situations in life.

Fortunately, you can avoid falling under a debt-mountain simply by becoming financially independent earlier in life.

Financial Independence

To understand the steps for becoming financially independent, it is important to know what being ‘financially independent’ means. The term simply refers to the fact that you have enough financial returns or savings that you don’t need to work to earn anymore. For most people, the term makes sense when they retire.

Routing for financial independence earlier in life not only offers monetary stability, but research shows that it also allows you to become more stable mentally.  Following are a few ways that will help you become financially independent:

Plan Before You Leap

It is extremely important to plan years ahead before diving into a big financial commitment. You must have a mental picture of what financial independence means to you.  For some, it means being able to cater to essential life needs without working. For others, it could mean having the ability to assist big life decisions without borrowing money. You must draft your plan to reach financial independence according to your definition of the term. Remember: The shorter your goal to hit financial independence, the more savings and investments you will be required to make.

Spend Less

Reaching financial independence does not just mean to spend less over time, it means to spend lesser than what you earn. For instance, if you earn one thousand pounds a month, your entire monthly expenses should fall within a 700-800 pound mark.

Clear Debts

The first and the foremost thing to do is to become free of your revolving debts. The best way to do this is by opting for an investment whose gains will be set entirely to pay off the debt amount. On the other hand, you can keep saving a portion of your earnings to speed up the ‘being independent’ process.

Generate More Income

The more you make, the more you can save. There are several ways to add to your earnings. You can either invest the savings into a financial instrument, or you can continue a side-business that earns you a little more. The key is to make more than your regular income while sticking to the same expenses.

Know Your Position

It is not possible to always stick to the same amount of savings. There are times in life where an uncertainty may arise, making it impossible to save in that particular period. Therefore, you should always keep track of your financial position, and make up for the lost time by saving more for an equal period in the future.

Following these habits will help you to easily reach financial independence right when you plan on achieving it.…