Top Tips on Finding the Best Travel Deals

Savvy travelers understand that successful planning of a business trip or a vacation includes comparison shopping during both on and off seasons. Here are all the lesser known ways of traveling on a budget that nobody tells you.

The Repositioning Cruise

Cruise lines tend to move their ships region to region, depending on what the season is like. Instead of carrying an empty ship across the Pacific or the Atlantic, these cruises offer great discounts on repositioning cruises. These cruises cost a whole lot less than high season cruises, and this includes the entertainment and the food. If you don’t mind travelling to the places in your bucket list during off season, you will find that you can travel in less crowded cruises at cheaper rates without having to compromise on the travelling experience in any way.

Look Up Sites

There is tons of information available online about deals on travelling and staying in different places around the world. Search for hotel sites that are run by a network of hotels.  These are authentic, and have decent discounts for you. You might even like educational travel programs, or “voluntourism” groups.

You Don’t Have to Stay at a hotel

If you really want to save money, you should look into swapping houses. Think The Holiday minus the tears. You can swap vehicles with them too. Someone from where you are headed is probably looking to vacation near your residence, why not make it easier for them. This is not only economical but also a whole new adventure, one that both you and your wallet will like.

Go on a Group Trip

Majority of travel packages are priced for more than one person, take advantage of these. You can even avail the couples’ deals if you are travelling in even numbers. Most of the times deals for two are just slightly more than what you would encounter if you go by yourself. These deals can cut down your costs by half.

Follow the News

This is one clever way to scour for great deals. Usually destinations where the economy is not doing well or something else goes downhill are most likely the places where you will find great travel deals popping up. This is because people stay away from such places, but the tourism industry has to make do one way or another.

Do You Travel Often?

If you travel often, you may not realize it but your credit card spending may just be the deal you are looking for. Travel rewards are extremely lucrative. There are credit cards that offer 2 points for every dollar that you spend, imagine how much you would have accumulated over all this time. That may just be the deal for you.

Senior Discounts

If you are 55 years or older, you can use this to your advantage in landing discounted prices for your trip. Cruise lines offer senior discounts, and so do many hotel chains that advertise this heavily. You just have to keep an eye out for these deals.

Top Tips on Finding the Best Travel Deals